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Vilen Künnapu, the mystical constructivist

Kaja Pae

In his role as architect, Vilen Künnapu stitches together the practical world and spiritual teachings. His work centres on a mystic’s idea of the world and creating a connection to the timeless. ... Read more >

Ways of looking and common fields

Katrin Koov, Kaja Pae

An allegorical film seen in the spring, “High-Rise,” set completely in a building tower, sparked conflicted thoughts. The vertical and hierarchical model of society has long been dominant in ... Read more >

The Delicate Art of Weaving a Nest: Hermitages in Medieval Japan

Alari Allik

In the 12th century, many Japanese felt that the golden age had truly ended – the world was ... Read more >

Evidence-based spatial design

Grete Arro

Spaces for people – based on what considerations? Read more >


Johan Tali

Apparently, the rule of thumb in the pavilions of the Venice Biennale is that there can only be one ... Read more >
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