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houses are mostly covered with asphalt, white-striped for parking spaces.
The new apartement houses at Sarapuu (Hazelnut) and Pähkli (Nut) Streets are not in sharp contrast with their environment. There is no actual ground to the statement of the four storeys being too many and the privacy of the neighbouring houses being lost. You can’t lose something you didn’t have. The new inwards, in-the-rooms lifestyle both in the private detached houses facing the new buildings as well as in the new apartements will certainly not be disturbed neither by neighbours nor by occasional passers-by. The last will effectively be dealt with straight wide asphalt streets and bare parking lots between the houses, which generate even too anonymous anonymity in their barrenness.
Also the plain plank fences and cheap fence-compositions of metal and wire, with pedestrian gates and metal bars. You can’t help asking – who or what are they afraid of, why such fences and fencing? To signal the property boarders? To keep away thieves and robbers? For the first the apartment houses could have lots of interesting alternatives, especially as it is not just single buildings, but a whole living quarter. And as for the second - you can never be absolutely sure. You can not stop a dedicated criminal, especially with a plain fence or wire. On the other hand, it is much more trouble to visit your friend in the neighbouring house – instead of just going straight, you’ll have to zigzag through the gates and round the fences. Not to speak about the children, who have no possibilities to play hide-and-seek or scout patrols between the houses. Although, hiding between the cars or on barren asphalt parking lots... Oh well, but, actually, who needs it today? Sorry, it’s my own childhood nostalgia. There are fewer kids today, anyway, and these few prefer inner spaces, the virtual world with and messengers...

A positive sign is to involve the architects Kalle Vellevoog, Velle Kadalipp (JVR) and Urmas Muru, Peeter Pere (Muru & Pere), like trying to get a complex solution for the two quarters and street fronts. It would have been still easier to just use catalogue houses. Although the visible reality slightly betrays the previous process – in both cases just one house has been projected, a certain number of model apartements, and these have been dubbed on different lots. Although if varying the houses and planning the parking spaces under the buildings quite different, public-private, exiting special solutions could have been

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