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Tartu University Treasury

Mariann Raisma

4/2012 | 15.02.2013 | While treasuries usually hold ancient gold and silver items, our local history should rather draw attention to intellectual treasures—and this makes the university in particular an ideal place for a treasury. The death masks of Alexander Pushkin and Eduard Viiralt, the world’s first astronomical telescope, the anatomical ... Edasi >

St. John’s Church in St. Petersburg

Triin Ojari

1/2011 | 15.02.2013 | St. John’s Church, which was opened in 1860, was built by Estonians living in St Petersburg as a centre for their congregation and as a symbolic national landmark (there were approximately 22 000 Estonians in St Petersburg at the end of the century). The building of the church, with seating for 800, was funded by the state and ... Edasi >

Dream come True. Architonic Lounge, Cologne Furniture Fair


1/2008 | 15.02.2013 | The image of an arctic glacier landscape, the reflection of harsh, sharp edges in a darkly gleaming sea of ice was the basis for the idea of an “Arctic Lounge”. Modular furniture, inspired in its basic form by the well-known Escher designs, drift like ice flows Edasi >

Vaal Gallery. Tartu Rd. 80D, Tallinn


2/2006 | 15.02.2013 | Design: Katrin Tomberg (Inrestauraator Projekt) Interior design: Katrin Tomberg Completed: 2003 Edasi >

Breakthrough at the museum. Museum of Applied Art and Design, Tallinn


1/2006 | 15.02.2013 | There have recently been many changes at many museums, some still ongoing – changes that affect their significance as public institutions of collective memory. Apart from the completed KUMU and the Estonian National Museum architecture competition, several smaller and very specialized institutions such as the Tartu Toy Museum ... Edasi >

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