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Farewell, Hippodrome

Illimar Truverk, jury member

4/2008 | 07.01.2009 | One might ask why Tallinn needed a hippodrome. Yes, really. Why? It’s not a vital function. But perhaps it’s one of those things that makes Tallinn special? Edasi >

Competition of Spatial Planning of the Tamula Lakeside Area, Võru

Dace Kalvāne, Member of jury / Latvia

4/2008 | 07.01.2009 | The competition area in Vōru is located in the downtown area, at the Tamula Lake. The Tamula beachfront, surrounded by the city’s “green belt”, is a suitable place for recreation. According to the Vōru development plan, in the competition area one should first and foremost focus on development of public space ... Edasi >

Second go-round in Riga

JAAK JÕERÜÜT, Estonian Ambassador to Latvia

1/2008 | 07.01.2009 | he Republic of Estonia planned to build a proper embassy building in Riga in the late 1930s. But two moustachioed madmen – Adolf and Josef – played havoc, and the plans came to naught. These men and their dreams of world conquest have vanished into the depths of hell, and now we are continuing with Nordic stubbornness to do ... Edasi >

Euro-Babel. Europan 9 architecture competition

TRIIN OJARI, Member of the jury for Europan 9

1/2008 | 07.01.2009 | Sicily, Catania. Seventy-three cities from across Europe gathered at the forum here to show the very best of the latest Europan entries – the winners have not yet been chosen. Inside Ciminiere, a former sulphur factory converted into a conference and exhibition centre, people work in several parallel sessions with moderators ... Edasi >

New Estonian embassy buildings in Beijing and Riga


1/2008 | 07.01.2009 | Last year two major competitions were announced for the purpose of ensuring that the Republic of Estonia would be represented respectably on the diplomatic and architectural level – new embassy buildings for far-off Beijing and next-door Latvia. So far, Estonia has built only one new embassy building from the ground up: in ... Edasi >

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